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Damaged Priceless Artefact owned by Birmingham Freemasons restored by International Experts.

A centuries old framed parchment owned by Athol Lodge in Severn Street Birmingham was found to have suffered extensive damp damage after being hung on the wall of the building over 100 years ago and it was feared that it was so badly damaged that it was irreparable. 

Several art institutions throughout the country were approached but could not assist, but one Midlands-based company, Drakon Heritage and Conservation a highly experienced conservation company agreed to examine the parchment in the first instance, and have expertly restored the parchment to its original glory. 

Drakon Heritage and Conservation is a partnership which provides conservation, archaeology and project management services to museums, heritage organisations, places of worship, private individuals and development funded projects worldwide.  
Pieta Greaves ACR, MSc, one of the Senior Conservators at Drakon, personally visited Athol Lodge to examine the parchment in detail and considered that with their expert knowledge and expertise it could be repaired and conserved.  The parchment was
delivered to Drakon’s city centre laboratory for further examination.

Lizzie Miller ACR, MA, another senior member of Drakon then began the painstaking and detailed work on the parchment over a period of six weeks before returning it to the lodge buildings, completely restored to its former glory.
Les Leek, a Past Master of Athol Lodge who co-ordinated the project with Drakon said, “With the considerable damage to the parchment, mounting and frame, we did not believe for a moment that it was possible that it could be repaired and restored, but thanks Pieta Greaves and Lizzie Miller, with their expertise they have pulled off the impossible. We are indebted to them”

Damaged Priceless Artefact owned by Birmingham Freemasons restored by International Experts.

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