Freemason Lodges at Severn Street Masonic Hall

Welcome to Severn Street Masonic Hall and the associated Freemason Lodges who reside within this fabulous grade II listed building in the centre of Birmingham, UK.

Here you can find each lodge, a profile of associated meetings, installation dates and their respective domains, and a link of how to connect with these lodges either by website or email.

Athol Banners

The banners around the room are the emblems of each of the Freemasonic lodges that meet in Severn Street – this one is Athol Lodge’s banner.

The hall is laid out according to masonic tradition with the Master’s chair in the East, the Senior Warden’s chair in the West and the Junior Warden’s chair in the South. The black and white chequerboard floor, common to all Masonic Halls, represents the duality of light and darkness and the joys and sorrows of life.

Masons believe in a supreme being – the Grand Architect of the Universe. The ‘G’ hanging from the ceiling refers to this being. The ceiling is also decorated to imitate the night sky.

Note the stars generally point to the Earth – made out of a NatWest money box. The first Lodge to meet at Severn Street was named ‘Athol’ after the Grand Master John Murray, 4th Duke of Athol (1755–1830) who had signed the Warrant to form the Lodge – the original is above the Secretaries’ chair. 

The first initiate was William Stone who later became Worshipful Master of the Lodge six times between 1825 and 1844. His portrait, presented in 1839, hangs over there behind the Senior Wardens chair in the Lodge Room.

Craft Lodges

St Pauls Lodge

  • Meeting: 1st Saturday October & February, 2nd Saturday December, March, May & July
  • Installation: February

Athol Lodge 74

  • Meeting: 1st Wednesday October to May
  • Installation: January

Bedford Lodge 925

  • Meeting: 2nd Friday October, November, January to April
  • Installation: January

Elkington Lodge 1016

  • Meeting: 1st Thursday October, December, March & April; 4th Thursday January
  • Installation: October

Lodge of Israel 1474

  • Meeting: 2nd Monday November, January & March; 3rd Thursday Februaryl
  • Installation: March

Alma Mater Lodge 1644

  • Meeting: 4th Friday October, November, January to April
  • Installation: January

Machen Lodge 1782

  • Meeting: 3rd Tuesday October, November, January to April
  • Installation: November

Lister Lodge 3599

  • Meeting: 4th Thursday September, November, January & March
  • Installation: September

Aston Old Edwardians 3857

  • Meeting: 3rd Wednesday October, November, January to April
  • Installation: October

Lodge of Goodwill 3899

  • Meeting: 4th Tuesday September to November, January to March
  • Installation: September

Lodge of Freedom 3914

  • Meeting: 4th Friday in September; 3rd Friday October, January & March
  • Installation: September

St Martins Lodge 4011

  • Meeting: 4th Monday September to November, January to April
  • Installation: January

Lodge of Loyalty 4340

  • Meeting: 2nd Tuesday October & November, January to April
  • Installation: February

Barnard Lodge 5100

  • Meeting: 2nd Tuesday September, December & May; 4th Tuesday April
  • Installation: September

University of Birmingham Lodge 5628

  • Meeting: 3rd Saturday September, November, February & April.
  • Installation: September.

Lodge of Security 5650

  • Meeting: 1st Tuesday October to December, February to April
  • Installation: April

Old Dixonians Lodge 6037

  • Meeting: 1st Monday October to December & March; 3rd Monday January & 3rd Thursday April
  • Installation: October

Lodge of Happiness 7952

  • Meeting: 1st Thursday September, January & May; 2nd Wednesday October & April, 2nd Thursday December
  • Installation: April

Royal Arch Chapters

Chapter of Fortitude 43

  • Meeting: 3rd Friday September & February, 3rd Wednesday May
  • Installation: May

Athol Chapter 74

  • Meeting: 3rd Monday September, November, February & April
  • Installation: November

Leigh Chapter 887

  • Meeting: 1st Friday September, November & January;3rd Friday April
  • Installation: April

Israel Chapter1474

  • Meeting: 1st Tuesday September; 3rd Monday March & May
  • Installation: September

Fidelity Lodge 3708

  • Meeting: 1st Saturday September; 2nd Saturday November, January & March
  • Installation: September

St Martins Chapter 4011

  • Meeting: 2nd Wednesday September, November, January & March
  • Installation: March

Mark Master Mason Lodges

Charity Mark Master Masons Lodge 430

  • Meeting: 3rd Wednesday, September; 2nd Wednesday December; 4th Thursday February & April.
  • Installation: February

Concord Mark Master Masons Lodge 735

  • Meeting: 1st Friday, October, December, February & April
  • Installation: December

St Martins Mark Master Masons Lodge 959

  • Meeting: 3rd Thursday, September, November, January & March
  • Installation: September

Matthew Clarke Mark Master Masons Lodge 1012

  • Meeting: 2nd Saturday, October, November, February & April
  • Installation: October

Holt Mark Master Masons Lodge 1041

  • Meeting: 2nd Monday, October, February & April
  • Installation: April

Lodges of Royal Ark Mariners

Concord Lodge of RAM 735

  • Meeting: 3rd Friday November & May; 1st Friday March.
  • Installation: May

Royal and Select Masters

St Martins Council 252

  • Meeting: 1st Monday April;3rd Thursday June; 2nd Tuesday July
  • Installation: July

Order of the Secret Monitor

St Martins Order of the Secret Monitor 509

  • Meeting: 3rd Monday October; 1st Monday February; 4th Monday June.
  • Installation: February

Rose Croix Chapters

Vernon Rose Croix Chapter 5

  • Meeting:  2nd Friday September & May; 3rd Thursday February
  • Enthronement: May

Aesculapius Rose Croix Chapter 687

  • Meeting: 2nd Thursday November, February & May
  • Enthronement: November

Lodges of Instruction

The General Lodge of Instruction 587

  • Meeting: Every Thursday September to May except immediately before a Bank Holiday
  • Festival: May