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Severn Street Masonic Hall responsive website has been developed & created by the local website designer, Steve Hedge at – Encona Solutions.co.uk

I am passionate about building digital dreams for my customers.  The more traffic I obtain for them through their website the more people see my website designs, so it’s mutually beneficial.

I have been running Encona Solutions.co.uk since 2003.

I class myself as a cost-effective and affordable website designer in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham NOT a cheap website designer.

Good, effective website designs that perform and give a good ROI aren’t cheap, but they can be affordable.   I strive for clear and visually pleasing graphics that achieve the design intent with clarity, continuity and consistency.

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I am a Family man based in Sutton Coldfield but spend most of my weekends in North Wales near Harlech. 

I like to spend my non-working time with the Family either walking in the Welsh mountains, kayaking, sea fishing or rattling down the side of a mountain on my bike.  So, if I don’t answer my phone at the weekend then that’s probably the reason why.   However,  I will call you back ASAP.

Affordable Websites in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

Don’t be drawn into the cheapest website price you can find as in the long term it can cost quite a lot more.  Watch out for the pitfalls of hiring a cheap website builder! 

Websites invoices can be bespoke to you, pay monthly, annually or even with multiple payments to suit your budget, so when starting your website project spread the cost over a monthly plan to help you manage business cash flow over the year.

An affordable and cost-effective website designer like me – EnconaSolutions.co.uk

What can you expect to be included within the website project with Encona Solutions?

  • Managed Hosting, domains & email.
  • Niche domains for affiliate campaigns.
  • Responsive Websites (layout changes but not content depending on the size of the user’s screen – desktop/laptop/tablet/mobile).
  • Custom-built bespoke websites starting from £450.
  • Search Engine Optimised (SEO).
  • Email packages with support included.
  • Logo development.
  • Branding and complementary colour schemes.
  • Photography services.
  • Dynamic social media links & interactivity.
  • High ranking website in Google’s natural listings.
  • Well written copy.
  • Pro stock imagery – licensed & legal.
  • Standards-compliant.
  • Google compliant.
  • Legal compliance.
  • Website maintenance packages are available.
  • Multiple payment options.

Please note this doesn’t mean your website project has to cost thousands but an appropriate and proportionate amount relative to the project requirements.  This can be as little as £450

Encona Solutions appreciate how difficult cash flow can be, especially given that 2020 has shaken the small to medium-sized business sectors in the UK, this is why I can offer multiple payment options and plans.

Encona Solutions understands how important it is to spread the costs and balance the investment when starting your own business and developing a website.

Local Website Designer near me.

Free Websites ?

Do you have a FREE website and require help and support to get it working as you would like?

Be aware of what FREE really means.  Encona Solutions has known a few clients who have gone down the FREE website route, invested a  lot of time and effort but then realised they need X, Y & Z to make it work how they would like, only to realise that X, Y & Z comes at a cost, invariably a monthly cost!   So, it wasn’t FREE after all and has cost them twice as much as hiring me to complete the project in a fraction of the time with full support allowing you to focus on the important objectives like directing your business to success.

Maybe you would just like someone 2 one training on your FREE website?

No problem, you can request a support package to help you finalise or finish what you have started.  This covers all aspects from getting the design and content finished on your FREE website to configuring the emails and this can also cover Search Engine Optimisation for your FREE website.  Everything to get your digital footprint working as you desire.

Never be afraid to ask for support or a FREE consultation.

07930 982 730

Local Affordable Website builder Encona Solutions, why trust me to build your website.

  • Established formally in 2003.
  • Traditional & exceptional customer service.
  • Clear all-inclusive pricing strategy.
  • Agile & Independent, able to flex to the dynamic needs of the project/customer.
  • Security, Integrity & Honesty.
  • Plain speak with no overwhelming tech jargon.
  • Tailored & Dynamic solutions to help you adapt to whatever lies ahead. 
  • Clear and Honest Communication.
  • Scalable website solutions to grow your website with your business.
  • Extensive support – measured by how I treat customers.
  • Ethical & Organic design.
  • Discounts for Non Profit & Charities.
  • ES are committed to the Environment and a carbon-neutral philosophy.
    • We only use data centres are based in the UK and powered by 100% renewable energy.
    • We defend your data with the latest security techniques, kept safe in ISO 27001 certified data centres.
  • No hidden costs or fees all projects are clearly priced & fully inclusive at the quote stage.
  • Options for hourly rated if preferred by the customer.
  • Multiple payment options are available to suit customer requirements.
  • Customer-centric strategy.
  • I value our human relationships & our business partnerships, these are key to the fundamental objectives of Encona Solutions.co.uk
  • Available 24/7 x 365 days a year. 

07930 982 730

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